GoodnewsMorris Winter Storm: 2009

GoodnewsMorris : Winter : 2009

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January 2009-Freezing Month!

Below are pics of our very cold month with my camera phone.

(Sunday, Jan 4th late evening)

(Monday, Jan 12th -Blizzard)

(Tuesday, Jan 13th -2 hour late start at work, yeah!)

(Tuesday, Jan 13th -2 hour late start at work, yeah!)

Below is a pic I took on State Hwy 28 just on the western edge of our town of Morris...

Picture of a Winter "Sun Dog Halo"

It was around 13 below zero this morning. As I write this (Thursday, January 14th of 2009), my work will be 1-hour late because of the "cold" (31 below zero and minus 51 wind chills around 7am!-from They just cancelled som local schools!


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